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Dental Services

LHAH doctors recommend annual exams along with a vaccine program tailored to the needs of your horses.  We also consider a dental exam part of a comprehensive exam and offer veterinary dentals, or "float". 

This procedure can improve performance, weight-gain and maintenance, aid in preventing choke, and lead to longer life. Oral examinations are important for all life-stages as the equine tooth is continually changing. 

This procedure will be performed by a LHAH veterinarian with sedation so that your horse has a good experience.  Our doctors are properly trained to work with a powerfloat which allows them to work quickly and access each tooth.


Welcome to LHAH- Farm Animal Services!  Our goal is to provide you with timely and professional service and provide your operation with the latest and best information.  Our three large animal veterinarians, each equipped with an equipped mobile vet unit provide on-farm care and when the need arises in clinic care. 


We take caring for your horses seriously and offer a variety of vaccine schedules for horses at every stage of life.  Whether you compete on an international level or simply just enjoy a horses company, we can establish the best animal care schedule for you. 

We also offer other services such as joint injections, dental exams and floats, quantitative parasite analysis, artificial insemination, embryo flushing, lameness evaluation, field radiology, prepurchase exams, in-house laboratory and emergency services.






Click Here to View Our Vaccines Guidelines and Current Vaccine Packages.

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