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Canine In-Home Euthanasia


The decision to say goodbye to your canine family member is extremely difficult.  Our goal is to provide empathetic, supportive, and professional medical care as we are by your side during this time.  Dr. Stacey feels that it is important to give your pet a comforting transition and is honored to support families with the end of life process.  


Why In-home Euthanasia

We believe pet owners and their pets prefer to have those final moments in the comfort of home, with family by their side, and where everything is familiar.  While we do our best to provide a calm environment for in-clinic euthanasia, veterinary clinics can be busy and unfamiliar, adding stress to an already stressful situation. In some situations it may be unrealistic or too difficult to transport your pet to the clinic for euthanasia.  In your home, pets are able to stay in their favorite spot where they are most comfortable.  


What to Expect

We take the utmost care to ensure a peaceful experience saying goodbye to your beloved pet.  Upon arrival, you will get the chance to meet Dr. Stacey and discuss your pet as well as any questions or concerns that you may have.  Paperwork and payment will be handled prior to the procedure so you can focus on your pet.  A mild sedative will be given to ease any discomfort.  Once your pet is calm and the owners are ready, the final euthanasia medication is given intravenously using a small temporary catheter.  The medication is a special anesthetic that allows your pet to fall asleep comfortably.  During the procedure you and your family are able to stay with your pet or you can step out for the final medication, if you choose.  A lock of fur will be placed in a glass vial as a memorial keepsake.


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Burial and Cremation

A casket will be provided for at-home burial.  If you are considering cremation, please contact Pet Pathways at 814-536-1770 or Eternity Life Pittsburgh at 724-547-2468 for information and arrangements.

Area Where Service is Provided

We are currently offering this service to families located within approximately 20 minutes from our veterinary clinic, located in Somerset, Pennsylvania.


Fees for In-Home Euthanasia

A flat-rate fee of $250 includes the travel, medications, a fur keepsake and burial supplies.  *If you are outside of our service range, a small travel fee may apply.



Please call or email our clinic to schedule your in-home euthanasia.  We will take your information and get back to you promptly to schedule the appointment.  This service is currently being offered during normal business hours only.  We understand that the timing of your decision is difficult to predict, so we will do our best to accommodate short notice requests.  Of course, more notice gives us the best chance of working around your schedule and ours. 

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