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We are proud to use the Vetera vaccine line from Boeringer Ingleheim, which carry the BIVI Vaccine Assurance Program when administered by a licensed veterinarian.


Please see the chart for our 2019 Equine Vaccine Packages, services, and promotions.  Please note that we have added another level of protection with the Platinum and Gold package which introduces the new XP line from Vetera which has been updated to include the Richmond/07 (claude 2) Influenza strain and now contains both EHV-1 and EHV-4 antigens of the herpes virus.


The Richmond/07 and claude 2 strains have been circulating in Europe for several years.  In 2012, a horse imported to the US was diagnosed with claude 2 influenza after being released from a USDA quarantine facility.  The EHV-4 efficacy was previously based on cross-protection from the EHV-1 isolate but now the XP line provides direct and indirect protection against EHV-4.


To read more about the BIVI Vaccine Assurance Program and Vetera vaccines, please visit:



To learn more about the Vetera Vaccines or the new XP line, visit:



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