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Semen Evaluation and Freezing​

Knowing the fertility of a male is paramount in any breeding program.  We are equipped to evaluate semen on-farm or in clinic to help increase conception rates. 

As part of our Advanced Reproduction services, we offer semen evaluation and cryogenics (freezing) for the following species:


  •  Caprine (goats), Ovine (rams).  These species can be collected on the farm or at our facility.  While properly restrained, collection will be performed by electroejaculation a safe method for your animal and our staff.  We also offer collection by an AV for those that are trained to jump an AV.     

  •  Bovine (bulls).  Bulls can be collected on farm when properly restrained in a squeeze chute our at our Advanced Reproduction Center.  Collection will be performed by electroejaculation, a safe method for your animal and our staff.

  •  Cervid (bucks).  Given their nature, bucks must be tranqualized and then collected.  Bucks can be given a reversal agent for a rapid and smooth recovery.

  •  Canine (dogs).  Male dogs who have not been collected before are most easily collected by having a female in heat present.  Please call for information and to make an appointment at our clinic for collection, evaluation, or breeding. Please note, freezing is not available for dogs.

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