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​Laproscopic Artificial Insemination

Though artificial insemination in cattle and horses is a common procedure in production schemes today, artificial insemination until recently has not been widely used in the cervid and small ruminant industry due to the specialty skill set required to carry out the procedure.  Unlike cattle and horses, these patients require laproscopic artificial (lap AI). 

We are proud to offer laproscope guided artificial insemination to our goat, sheep, and deer farmers.  This procedure allows the producer to introduce top of the line genetics into the herd while avoiding the cost of owning the highly valued intact male.  All lap AI is performed on the farm in our mobile lab or at our Advanced Reproduction Center.  This allows us to work in a clean environment regardless of weather and facilities. These procedures require quite a bit of pre-planning, so please contact us with any questions and schedule your laprascopic AI today for the upcoming breeding season.

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