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Welcome to LHAH- Farm Animal Services!  Our goal is to provide you with timely and professional service and provide your operation with the latest and best information.  Our three large animal veterinarians are equipped with a mobile vet unit provide on-farm care and when the need arises in clinic care.

We want to partner with our local beef farmers to help them become more profitable, increase productivity and keep the herd healthy. We can help you:

Establish and Maintain Vaccination Programs. Each herd is unique and requires a tailor made vaccination program. Sound vaccination programs will help you maintain herd health and productivity. We can help you build and maintain program based on your farm needs and risks.

Establish and Maintain Reproduction Programs. Reproduction is a key but challenging component of the profitability of your operation. Timed breeding programs and intravaginal devices to synchronize cows can help create and maintain a calving season. LHAH veterinarians can help you evaluate a breeding program that will work best for your operation. We offer Pregnancy and Fertility exams (herd checks) by manual palpation or by ultrasound.

**We also offer advanced bovine reproductive services such as fetal sexing, embryo flushing and transfer, plus much more, please visit our Advanced Reproduction page for more information**


Establish Herd New Edition Protocols & Disease Surveillance. Whether you run a closed herd or buy additions for your operation it is important to continually monitor for disease and have a plan in place to prevent disease. We can help you establish a protocol for receiving new animals and for yearly monitoring.

Establish Preconditioning Program.  LHAH veterinarians can help your operation be more profitable by helping you establish a preconditioning program for your calves.  Preparing a plan for weaning, nutrition, and preparation for the feed lot will capitalize on your farm’s product, your calves.

Monitor Routine Disease Diagnoses and Treatment. LHAH offers routine disease diagnosis and treatment. The clinic has an in-house lab to aid in the diagnosis of disease and metabolic problems. We also utilize outside labs to aid regulatory testing and complex cases.

Provide Surgical Services. LHAH offers a full range of on farm surgical or when the need arises, we can also perform surgeries at our facility.


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