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A One-Day, Two Part Course in Small Ruminants

Saturday, May 10th @8:30

Somerset, PA


LHAH in cooperation with Reproduction Enterprises, Inc present a seminar and wet-lab for small ruminant producers. Les Hutchens, owner of REI in Stillwater, Ok and a nationwide leader in small ruminant reproduction, will be joining us to present course topics. 

Please note, the AM session is free as well as lunch.  The optional PM session is $100 per person and includes hands on training.  We will have does synchronized to practice Artificial Insemination and a lab station for practicing semen thawing and evaluation.  After participation in the PM session, enrollees will feel comfortable AI'ing their own does.  We do encourage afternoon participants to purchase an AI kit  for $145 if you plan to AI on your farm.  We will pre-order kits and have them available to you at the class.  Please visit for details on the kits.  

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